japanese silicone sex dolls

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(67 People Likes) Is it okay for a man in a relationship to want a sex/love doll?

And a reasonably secure partner would be unlikely to find this at all distr japanese silicone sex dolls ssing,just as reasonably secure people aren’t threatened by a vibrator. A doll is not a person,it’s just a mass of silicone. A mass of silicone can’t compete with a person.
I Sex Doll Torso have a partner who’s threatened to buy me such a sex doll because she thinks it would be entertaining to make me do things with it while she watches. Secure people aren’t afraid of sex toys

(27 People Likes) How can I understand tensors analysis simply? Add to it the complex analysis,and how do I understand their real meanings and to like them not only as math dolls?

A tensor is an element of a Tensor product – Wikipedia
of two or more vector spaces. To learn it properly,one has to cover first bilinear forms and dual spaces. See Halmos’s Finite-dimensional vector spaces.
Example: Cauchy stress tensor – Wikipedia
All those shortcuts,“a matrix that transforms this way or that way”,tell nothing about the geometry of the object,which is essential to its use in physics and other real-life applicati

(29 People Likes) I’m 12 and I still love playing dolls. Is it babyish?

eople in doll Facebook groups who are even boomer age,I’m actually one of the younger ones! I like stuffed animals and dolls because they provide a sort of comfort to me. I really started collecting Build a Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids when my dad got arrested,and I re bonded with Kami and got back into American Girls since the pandemic happened. I even take her to therapy with me. The sad thing is about kids your age is that other people are trying to make you grow up too quick when you should just really enjoy being a kid. I didn’t want to give up toys when I reached middle school,I kinda compromised and stopped getting as much toys and kept what I did have a secret,but I didn’t like doing that,but I’m not ashamed anymore,and you shouldn’t be ashamed either. And the best thing about the internet is that you can find fun ideas to do with dolls. People make doll videos on YouTube or TikTok,people post pictures of them on Facebook,Insta,or Tumblr (I like to sew outfits for Kami and post pictures with her wearing them),you could find groups,make friends all sorts of stuff,maybe you’ll feel less alone (but like all internet stuff,please be safe,even in doll groups you could have your share of,weirdos). Look,life kinda sucks right now,12 is a weird age,I know I’ve been through that,and a lo

(52 People Likes) Artificial Intelligence,AI Sex Robots – The Most Realistic AI Sex Dolls Robots – Welcome Your Future Sex Life

The best man give the groom to engage in some good-natured teasing,and leave everyone with a great story? What is the perfect adults only white elephant Christmas gift? the answer is a sex doll.

While we don’t think our dolls should be used for this purpose,the gag gift Is definitely a popular alternative for sex dolls. In fact It is a bit of a classic. Still,we say save our dolls for the real thing,and us japanese silicone sex dolls a cheap knockoff mannequin to pl

(38 People Likes) What are some little-known facts from World War II that fascinate you?

To join the SS,some requirements were as :
Must be at least 5’9” in height. Special units such as Mountain Divisions or the Honor Guard required 5’10” or taller.
Must be able to swim,as that was part of the fitness test.
Have no more than 15% body fat.
Have no Jewish heritage traced back to 1800,and 1750 for officers.
Must have some faith In God. Atheists and Jews were not allowed.
Be single only if you were a young recruit who was just joining,ages 17–23.
Have no dental fillings.
Have 20/20 vision.
The requirements became less strict. However; passing the boot camp was hard. Only 1/3 recruits made it to graduation phase.
On Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday in 1939,Ferdinand Porsche gifted Hitler with a car.
Hitler’s personal Mercedes Benz 770K Grosser was sold at an auction for $14 million in 2022. 10% of the profit was donated to a Jewish Human Rights Organization.
During WWII,Audi built vehicles for the SS. They used slave laborers. Some time after the war,Audi paid millions in reparations to the survivors,and to the families of the slaves that didn’t survive.
Clothes manufacturer,Hugo Boss,produced uniforms for Adolf Hitler and the SS.
On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge,the United States Department of Defense released a photo of Leibstandarte SS regimental commander,Joachim Peiper. This sparked an outrage from the public. The SS colonel was complicit in the murder of both American and Soviet POWs.
The (Gaswagen) gas van was made to prevent soldiers feeling responsible for murdering civilians and to stop them from drinking on duty due to the mental trauma they endured.
It was said that when on trial,Adolf Eichmann showed no remorse for being responsible for deporting millions of Jews to death camps because he thought he would only serve a few years in prison,as the trial was held nearly 20 years after the war. Eichmann was ultimately sentenced to death by hanging. He never admitted to being guilty.
Today,Poland and Germany are still looking for Auschwitz SS guards.
Henry Ford (founder of Ford) took contracts from Nazi Germany during the war to build them vehicles. He denied all contracts from Britain. Henry Ford was a supporter of Adolf Hitler. They both kept framed photos of each other on their desks.
There was no physical evidence that suggested Hitler knew or ordered the deaths of millions of Jews. This is popular to Holocaust deniers. After the war,the allies went through all of Hitler’s orders and videos,and couldn’t find any proof of his acknowledgment of the camps. However; there is proof that he passed the Commissar Order in 1941. In Joseph Goebbels’ diary,he wrote that Hitler did order the final solution though.
In 1938,the Allgemeine SS started phasing out black uniforms. In 1942,Reichsführer of the SS,Heinrich Himmler,completely phased out all of the black uniforms.
During the war,some Wehrmacht units received orders to be concentration camps guards due to personnel shortage in the SS.
Once Adolf Hitler came to power,he passed one of the first animal rights laws. This included hunting seasons,banning animal vivisection/tests,and animal rights. He was the first leader to set forth wolf protection laws.
Luftwaffe commander,Hermann Göring was one of many Nazi officers who held a high IQ score. He was fluent in English and had a very light accent.
BMW was one of the biggest companies that kept the German war machine going. They built motorcycles,trucks,and plane engines for Nazi Germany. After the war,they were banned from building vehicles and had to revert to building pots and pans to stay in business. Today,they acknowledge their past and regret it.
In New York,US,there was a street called Adolf Hitler Street.
Adolf Hitler once asked Mercedes if he could purchase a few Mercedes cars for his motorcade with the promise of paying them back once his book Mein Kampf made him money. Mercedes rejected his request. Once Hitler came to power,he had enough money to purchase his dream motorcade. Mercedes went on to build cars,transport trucks,and planes for Germany during the war. Mercedes acknowledges its past and regrets it.
When Nazi Germany annexed Austria,thousands of Austrians welcomed the German troops with swastika flags.
In 1941,German troops captured Stalin’s son as a PoW. They offered Stalin to trade him back. Stalin refused and disowned him. He was later killed trying to escape a PoW camp. After Stalin heard of his death,he said he was a real man.

The Wehrmacht was responsible for murdering 50,000 Soviet Jews during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.
Over the entire duration of the war,100,000 babies were born to French-German couples.
French women who had affairs with German soldiers had their heads shaved as punishment after the liberation of France.
Boys of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) were given good work and education options. They were also given faster promotions when transferring to the Wehrmacht or the SS.
Auschwitz doctor,Josef Mengele,was captured by American forces in 1945,wearing a Wehrmacht uniform. Because they weren’t aware of his identity,he was released. After learning who he was,they issued a $33 million (inflated) bounty on him to whoever knew where he was,so they can put him on trial. He was never captured.
In 1935,Adolf Hitler and some of his staff attended Polish leader,Jozef Pilsudski’s memorial service after his death. Hitler has respect for him and the Polish people due to their stance on communism. In 1938,Hitler tried establishing an alliance with Poland. It was rejected.
The Nazi German MP-40 submachine gun inspired the US’ make of the M3 Grease Gun. The MP-40 was the first SMG to be built with plastic parts,making it lighter and cheaper to produce.
More facts later? 😀
In 1945,Heinrich Himmler abandoned his post and tried suing for peace with the US and Britain to get help fighting off the Soviets. It was rejected. Hitler found out about this and immediately ordered his arrest.
The Fuhrer’s Child,known by that name because of her close friendship with Hitler,was a little girl named Rosa Nienau who shared the same birthday as Hitler. Hitler absolutely adored her. Hitler knew she was Jewish but made no regard to it. The German state ordered Hitler to not make contact with her before the war. She died at age 17 in 1943 from polio.
Hitler was the best man at Goebbel’s wedding.
In 1939,the German state established April 20th as Adolf Hitler Day. On this day,families with low income were given an additional 20 Reichmarks,a day off,and wives would receive copies of Mein Kampf to send to their husbands. The holiday discontinued after 1944.
Senior SS officers who displayed courage and leadership were gifted with an SS Totenkopf Ring. It had Himmler’s initials engraved inside. Over time,the ring was given to all SS officer who at least had 3 years in duty. The ring was meant to be given back to Himmler after the officer’s death to signify that the fallen member is still part of the SS brotherhood. Only a little over 3,000 of these rings exist today and are worth a lot.
After disobeying Hitler’s orders,Field Marshall,Erwin Rommel,managed to push the British back 500 miles in Africa and even won a tank battle against the US when his supplies were very low.Sex Doll Torso >
After the failed assassination attempt on Hitler’s life in July 1944,Hitler made it mandatory for even the Wehrmacht to use the Roman salute,replacing the traditional one.
Also following Hitler’s assassination attempt,Rommel’s name was brought up. He was given 3 options:
Personally defend himself to Adolf Hitler.
Reject to do so but face court marshal,death sentence,and have his family suffer.
Commit suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill. He would receive a state funeral with full military honors,and his family would receive a pension.
Rommel picked the third option and explained it to his family. He was taken by 2 SS generals from his home. One of them knew he was innocent. He was given a cyanide pill,and died.
Shortly before killing himself,Hitler had his beloved dog,Blondi,fed a cyanide pill to test its effects and to save him from potential captors. Blondi’s puppies were taken outside and shot by Hitler’s dog handler.
During WWI,Hitler found and adopted a dog,and named him Fuchsl. He eventually lost him and was very upset about it.
Are we reaching 100 facts? Eh? 😀
The MG-42 was arguably the greatest light machine gun during WWII. It earned nick names such as The Burp Gun,The Ripper,The Zipper,and Hitler’s Buzzsaw. Some versions of it fired at 1,800 rounds per minute,the fastest shooting mass produced machine gun during the time.
The Gestapo normally patrolled the streets of Germany to listen to people’s conversations. This helped them find enemies of the state such as communists.
The SS’ Totenkopf (Death’s Head) represented loyalty until death and to intimidate the enemy.
The King Tiger scared allied soldiers up to the point that a term was made for it,Tiger-Phobia. At first,the allies had nothing to pierce its thick armor.
Reich Minister of Propaganda,Joseph Goebbels,supplied many German citizens with free radios. Mostly for propaganda purposes.
Hans Münich was nicknamed the Good Man of Auschwitz. He was a physician at Auschwitz. Instead of sending people to the gas chambers during the selection process,he always pointed people to work or for (humane) experiments. After the survivors of Auschwitz testified on his behalf in court,he was able to keep his physician license and remained in West Germany.
Adolf Hitler always came off as polite towards others in private. His maid even mentioned he had manners and was kind to his guests. Most of that diminished around late 1944,when Hitler started facing mental problems.
It’s a common misconception that Adolf Hitler only had one testicle. It was a rumor that came from a British song.
In 1945,The Wehrmacht teamed up with the US Army to fight to Waffen SS. Called the Battle for Castle Itter,both sides fought to free important political prisoners. After the battle was won,the Wehrmacht shook their hands and voluntarily surrendered to them.
Most of the SS was brutal toward Priso